Jane's Defence Weekly

Jane's Defence Weekly

Editor: Peter Felstead

Features Editor: Kate Tringham

Europe Editor: Nicholas de Larrinaga

Asia Pacific Editor: James Hardy

Middle East/Africa Editor: Jeremy Binnie

Staff writers: Staff writers

Categories: Defence

Frequency : Weekly

Publisher: Sean Howe, SVP, IHS Inc

Paid circulation: 2,717

Unpaid circulation: 24,886

Total circulation (June 2012): 27,603

Year founded: 1984

Company: IHS Inc.

Country: England

Based in: Coulsdon, Surrey

Language: English

Website: http://www.janes.com/products

ISSN: 0265-3818

OCLC number: 613908494

Jane's Defence Weekly (abbreviated as JDW) is a weekly magazine reporting on military and corporate affairs, edited by Peter Felstead. It is one of a number of military-related publications named after John F. T. Jane, an Englishman who first published Jane's All the World's Fighting Ships in 1898. It is a unit of Jane's Information Group, which was purchased by IHS in 2007. The magazine has a large circulation and is frequently cited in publications worldwide.

Jane's Defence Weekly was established in 1984 replacing the now-defunct Jane's Defence Review.

In 1984, only months after the magazine was established, Jane's Defence Weekly gained worldwide attention after printing several images from an American spy satellite of the Nikolaiev 444 shipyard in the Black Sea, showing a Kiev-class aircraft carrier under construction. The images were leaked by Samuel Loring Morison, an American intelligence professional, leading to the only conviction ever passed against a US government official for giving classified information to the press.